Pocket guide to researching local newspaper archives

Updated: Mar 11

Some of my best research I have found is by trawling newspaper archives, it is tedious work , but the results can be stunning What I like about newspaper articles is that many are recording events at the time they occurred, the people that were there and involved are actually speaking to us from the grave, I find that amasing. I was talking to an old friend of mine who was the director of Portsmouth museums, ,and he agreed that his main source of events, people and social happenings are through newspaper archives.

The kind of information you will find in newspaper archives include: Court proceedings, births and death, Events of all descriptions, accounts of famous people, the list is endless. In the old days one would have to troll through loads of micro film, but thanks to modern technology one can trawl to their hearts content at home on their pc. I personally belong to the British Newspaper archives, it is a subscription service but worth every penny for the keen researcher. I am not sure, but I think that “finding my past subscription might include as an add-on (maybe someone could tell me in the comments)

British National News Archives

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