Richard 3rd, the Dorset link.

Everyone knows the story of the hunchback king found in a car park in Leicestershire, however not many are aware of the link between this most diverse monarch and Dorset.

Lynda Pidgeon a member of the king Richard III society found evidence through old Royal court records that Richard III did in fact visit Bridport some 530 years ago. Richard's visit to Bridport occurred on November 5th, 1483 when he was on his way to Exeter to mop up the remains of the Duke of Buckingham's rebellion.

It is highly probable that Richard stayed the night at the Priory of St John the Baptist (founded around 1240 and dissolved around 1547). Records show the "King paused to deal with urgent matters, including the need to relax, 13 shillings and 4 pence was recorded spent for the King's wine",

Reconstrucyion of Richard 3rd face

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