The Antelope, Dorchester.

Another old pub that was full of history that is no longer with us and now part of a small shopping mall. Out of all the judges in the land, one name stands out most to students of history with infamy and dread, and that is Judge Jeffreys . During September 1685, 302 men who took part in the Monmouth rebellion were brought to judgement at the Antelope in an area called the “oak room”. Judge Jeffries sentenced 74 of the men for execution , 175 transported, 9 fined or whipped and 54 discharged. Interestingly, the infamous judge logged at 6 West High street (this now a restaurant and very nice too it is) and for his own protection used a secret passage to connect his house to the oak room”. It is said that the Judge haunts the passage, and the oak rooms to this day.

The Oak room today note the wooen wall pannels

The Antelope Hotel Dorchester

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