The Black dog, Weymouth.

Legend has it that the master of a New foundland trading vessel gave the then landlord, a black dog from there, it is said it was the first of the Labrador breed to be introduced into England. The age of the "Black Dog" is speculative, however inspection of the architecture and some original timbers suggest a date somewhere in the late 1500s, making it the oldest pub in Weymouth. The original name of the pub was called the " The Dove", interestingly this changed when the owner was gifted his Labrador and its popularity increased.

Like one would expect, the "Black dog" has seen its fair share of drama over its years . During the English civil war, the murder occurred in the pub of "William Courtney" who described as a trader with flaxen hair and a yellow beard (what an image!) William was staying at the pub and was brutally murdered by the then landlord, John, Chiles, who battered him over the head with a blunt instrument and then stole £288 in gold and £12 in silver, ( a huge amount for the day) Chiles and his wife Margaret then stripped his body and dumped it into the sea via one of the many local jetties. Unfortunately for Chiles, his wife Margreat broke during questioning by the local "Plod".

Jumping forward in time to the 18th Century, and a warning here to any visitors, be careful standing close to any fireplaces, a smuggler called Richard Hawkins was whipped to death in front of the fireplace in 1758, the reason lost in the sands of time, but one would suspect double-dealing with other smugglers. If, like me, you are a lover of the classics then none other than Daniel Defoe visited the pub and was given the inspiration after talking to an old "sea salt " to write the classic novel "Robinson Crusoe". The pub even hosted Royalty when King George III paid a visit with officers of his German Legion.

The black dog has it all for a history nerd like me and also serves a nice pint, well worth a visit.

The Black Dog Weymouth

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