The day, a Dorset village was put up for sale.

Plush is the typical idyllic Dorset village with its pretty row of cottages, village little shop and of course the little ancient church, so why in 1955 was this little gem lock stock and barrel put up for sale?.

The village dates back over 400 years and in resent times was owned by Mr John Barnard - Hankey who perched Plush for around £150,000 which included a Manor house and rich farmland around it. Mr Hankey was good owner and ploughed numerous funds into the village in order to make life better for its residents, they included all 14 cottages were rethatched and decorated, running water and electrics were also installed even the local pub was renamed in honour of Mr Hankey and granted the first free licence in Dorset in years. Mr Hankey also realised that his farm estate being 1,243 acres in size boasting three farm houses and three "homesteads" were the jewel in the crown of any hope of regeneration for the village. The farm was noted for its cattle "Plush Red, Poll cattle that at its peak numbered 250 The herd won numerous awards from the milk marketing board.

Life was good at Plush, that is until bad health came knocking at the door of Mr Hankey , the village started to decline that left him with no other choice than to sell with a heavy heart. Mr Hankey had no intention of leaving Plush, but moved into a small cottage. Many of the residents up sticks and moved before the sale. Plush survived and is till there today to see , so next time you're there raise a glass to Mr Hankey a man who was very "Plush"

Plush Village cottages

Plush Manor house

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