The White Heart, Dorchester.

The “White heart” in Dorchester was a typical Dorset Inn, mentioned by Thomas Hardy in his novel “A few crusted characters " as a “respectable if somewhat lumbering class of conveyance, much resorted to by decent travellers not over stocked with money”.

During1895, the white heart was used as the base for horse carriages. Interestingly, I have found out that during 1859 not only could you have a pint of ale at the white heart but for an extra charge you could have your teeth pulled out and a sparkling set of new teeth fitted by a Mr Lukyn who describes himself as a “established dentist” who proudly boasts the following “Lukyns patent engrafted or pivoted (lol) teeth cannot become loose “. It appears that Mr Lukyn visited various coaching Inns to offer his services and attended the white heart Wends day 11 o'clock most weeks. The white heart was rebuilt in 1926 after a major fire and unfortunately, planning permission to demolish the building was granted in 2011.

Another sad loss of a famous old Inn with lots of history in the name of progress. Hold a glass of your favourite tipple (or maybe mouthwash!) in honour of the white heart and especially for Mr Lukyns and his amazing pivoting teeth fixed in a day!!!!!!

The white heart in its hayday

Mr Lukym amazing teeth !!!!!!!

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