Thomas Hardy had a heart and so did his cat

Updated: Mar 14

Thomas Hardy was a son of Dorset, a great novelist, poet and a man of many passions, one of which was his love for cats. Cats played a big part of his life and ultimately his death.

Thomas Hardy died in1928 and requested to be buried in Stinsford, next to St Michael’s church, where he had worshipped from being a child. This is where the story gets interesting, Hardy being by this time a national figure akin even to Shakespeare was valued too highly by the establishment to be put to rest in a little grave in Dorset but instead his mortal remains (ashes) should be interned in Westminster Abbey After a lot of debate it was decided that a compromise would win the day in that his body would go to the Abbey but his heart to be buried in Stinsford.

A surgeon was called to go to Max Gate to cut “Hardy’s” heart out of his body which was performed with excellent skill, well almost, the surgeon wrapped the heart in a towel and left it on the kitchen table and awaited for the undertakers to arrive. To everyone’s horror, no one could find the towel with Hardy’s heart placed in it. The room went silent apart from Hardy’s Cat “Cobby” looking rather fat and pleased with himself. According to various witnesses, the undertaker quickly killed poor “Cobby” and placed the dead cat in a biscuit tin. The tin was placed in an urn along with what was left of “Hardy’s” heart and was discreetly buried in the grounds of the church .

Being a cat lover, I know cats can steal your heart, ,but not in this manner.

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